8 Reasons to Try IPL Handset

Fairy IPL handset

Permanent results

With IPL hair removal, you will start seeing hair reduction approximately from the third session. After 8-12 times of use, your hair will stop growing permanently. You no longer have to shave constantly or wax every 2-3 weeks. Say goodbye to your daily hair removal routine.


Think about how many times you cut your skin while shaving. That could easily lead to infection to the skin. Think about how many people experience permanent damage like pigmentation to their skin because they choose a cheap laser salon. When used properly, IPL handset is absolutely safe. It generates the light of a wide range of wavelengths. The light energy is much lower than laser. Therefore, anyone can do it safely as long as their skin type and hair color are suitable for IPL. When you buy an IPL handset, we recommend you going for a clinically proven one. 


If you ever shave or wax, you know what I mean. Some hard-to-reach areas are always left with pesky hairs and unwanted fuzz. Ever miss a spot? You know it is likely to happen, and it doesn’t look good in public. IPL destroys the hair follicle from the hair root. There is no fuzz, no pesky hair, leaving your skin so smooth.

Pain free

IPL is pain free. Some people may experience uncomfortable feeling like the mild snapping of a rubber band, but it is totally bearable. No more razor burn, no more pain, no more red, itchy and irritated skin.

Fewer ingrown hairs

When you shave, you cut your hair at its bluntest length at the surface level. Your skin could easily trap the hair and it cause ingrown hairs, infection, or discoloration. IPL destroys the hair follicle from the root, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Save time

Say a girl shaves her hair for 50 years in her life, twice a week, 10 minutes every time. That would be more than 800 hours! With a busy and hectic lifestyle, we know it could be hard to find the time to shave or book a laser appointment. Save time by removing your hair with an IPL handset. You can do it all from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like. Each treatment only takes minutes. You can easily fit the treatment into your lunch break or any fragments of time.  Besides, you will achieve permanent hair removal result within only 2-3 months.

Save money

How many $10 razors you have used, lost or left behind? A girl may start hair removal at an early age like 13, 14. Throughout her lifetime, how much money is spent on buying new razors or cream wax? If you go to a laser spa, it takes $800 - $3000 for a full treatment course. But an IPL handset only costs from $50 - $500. You can achieve the same permanent result with only a fraction of the money.

You don’t need to go to a salon

Whether you book a wax or laser appointment, you have to expose a part of your skin to your technician. It could be embarrassing sometimes, especially when you treat areas like bikini line. By owning an IPL handset, you can do the hair removal all by yourself from your own home.