Beware of cheap laser hair removal

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We know laser hair removal can be a big investment for you, and we all are tempted to seek good deals. But it is important to be aware that the quality of the service can not only affects result, but also safety. Laser hair removal is something you should absolutely not cut corners on only because you find a cheap deal.

Is laser hair removal dangerous?

This is something you need to fully understand before you go for a big discount. Usually, laser is safe for most people. But it can be dangerous when not operated correctly. Any misuse of laser can cause temporary or permanent skin damage including:

1. Skin discoloration: When laser hair removal is operated incorrectly, it can cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, which means a lightening or darkening of the skin can appear on the treated area. If you are unlucky, these damages could be permanent.

2. Burns: Laser generates heat that penetrates the hair follicle and reaches to the hair root. When operated improperly, it could cause skin burns. And they are more common among less experienced technicians.

3. Scarring: Over-treatment can lead to skin scarring. It is usually due to a lack of training.

4. Skin anomalies: The darker areas on your skin such as spots, moles, and scars should not be treated but covered during treatment. There is a risk of skin burning to treat these areas. However, clinics may not pay attention to these areas because they are over-booked by customers and they are restricting each treatment time.

Anything cheap can be dangerous

When it comes to laser hair removal, it is especially true. You don’t want to save money by potentially scarring yourself for life.

One reason that a laser spa offers discounted price is they use cheap equipment. Lasers are a major investment for salons and small clinics. A first-hand high-quality laser costs a lot. It is impossible to make money with high-quality machines while charge you only a little. So sometimes it is tempted to buy cheap ones. Unfortunately, it means the laser that is using on your skin during treatment could be faulty or malfunction.

Additionally, laser hair removal is a professional level treatment, it can only be done by someone well-trained. If the technician treats your skin with a wrong laser or on a wrong setting, you won’t get the maximum hair reduction. The amount of your hair might even increase! Many states allow nonphysicians to use lasers and there is little oversight on who performs treatments. If you want to find a reliable person to do the treatments for you, better to see a dermatologist.

Considering the unwanted side effects of laser, you don’t want to waste your money or even cause long-term harm to your skin. Laser hair removal is not considered necessary procedure, so it probably will not be covered by insurance. Would you go bargain hunting for eye surgery, for a face lift? We know you won’t, so please don’t go bargain hunting for laser hair removal.

Do your own research

When you see a big discount, ask yourself why. Are they a new business using big discounts to attract customers? If yes, do they have enough qualified staff to do the treatments? Do they have high-quality lasers to perform the treatments? Wherever you go, ask these questions below first.

1. How many laser hair removal treatments have you performed? The more a technician has done, the more likely he / she is an expert. The answer should be at least a few hundred.

2. How many sessions will I need? Usually, you need 4-6 sessions to get your hair removed permanently. If the number you hear is too few, don’t expect to have effective results. If the number is too many, be cautious. They may only want to sell you a package deal to earn $$ from your pocket.

3. Can I get treatments if I have a tan? If the answer is yes, run away. The only way to treat tanned skin without causing harm is to have a low setting on the machine. It means the result won’t be effective.

4. How many lasers do you use, are they first-hand or second-hand? The more lasers they have access to, the more likely the treatments will be safe and effective for your skin tone and hair color. Be cautious if their lasers are second-hand. The equipment is more likely to employ older technology. Has the machine been properly serviced? Fully certified? When were the bulbs last replaced? Make sure the lasers they use are good quality ones.

5. What lasers do you use and which one is best for my skin? If their technicians are experts, they should be able to articulate why a particular machine is good for your skin and hair type. There are three types of popular lasers: alexandrite, diode and nd:Yag lasers. Each one fits for different skin tones and hair colors.