How to choose IPL handset that fits for you?

It sounds appealing to do the hair removal treatment all from the comfort of your own home easily, effectively, and pain free. You don’t have to book expensive laser spa appointments or shave every few days.

Given all the options available and the wide range of prices, how to choose an IPL handset that fits for you? We list several factors we suggest you to look for when you compare different devices.

Your skin tone and hair color

Most IPL devices are suitable for paler skin and darker hair color. Only few IPL handsets in the market fit for darker skin and lighter hair color. Make sure the device is suitable for you before you place an order. Otherwise, you may lose your money and even cause harm to your skin. If you have a darker than milk-with-coffee skin tone, laser treatment may be a safe route. Wonder if Fairy IPL is right for you? Check out the chart below:

skin tone and hair color chart


When you choose your IPL handset, safety should be one of your top priorities to concern. All IPL handsets should have inbuilt safety features that do not allow the light to flash unless it is in full contact with your skin. Some may have safety glasses to protect your eyes. Do not only look at the price tag. Cheap IPL handsets may use lower quality materials, which lead to potential harm, such as skin burn.

The technology of Fairy IPL handset is the same clinically proven technology professional dermatologists and beauty salon uses. Our core patent technology, the “Closed Type” deep flash window makes light source more concentrated, avoiding skin burns. We also use quartz lamp. Compared to glass lamp, it is more stable and durable, effectively filters UV rays, making sure there is no side effects from the intense light. Our products are of the highest quality, and we guarantee our customers that our products are safe to use.

Window size

The application window is the glass surface that is placed against your skin during treatment. The larger the window, the larger the skin area covered by the device.

If you want to treat large areas like chest, leg, we recommend you choosing a device with a larger window size ranging from 4cm² to 7cm², it will greatly shorten the time of each treatment.  If you are looking for a device to treat small areas like face and bikini line, a smaller window size between 2 to 3 cm² will be more preferable, as it targets more specific areas. Fairy IPL handset has 4.5cm² window size, suitable for treating both small and large areas.

Energy Levels

It is obvious that the higher the energy, the more effective the result will be. But you don’t want to burn your skin. If you skin is thin and sensitive, we recommend you selecting a low energy level. If your skin is hard enough, choose a more powerful energy level to get the best result.

Having a range of energy levels is super useful, as different parts of the body are more or less sensitive. Fairy IPL handset has 10 energy levels, more than most of IPL handsets in the market. Whether you have a sensitive skin type or hard skin type, Fairy can be your go-to choice for all-body hair treatment.

The number of flashes

This is the number of times a device can emit a flash. Most IPL handset has a minimum of 100,000 flashes. When the number runs out, a replacement lamp is required to continue using the device. Therefore, when you choose an IPL handset, check the number of flashes it has. Fewer number of flashes could mean potential extra cost in the future.

Fairy IPL handset has up to 600,000 flashes, which can last for 20 years. Once you have a Fairy, you don’t need to spend any more money. 

Corded or cordless

Some devices can be used cordless, some need to be connected to a power source during treatment. The devices that are mains-powered generally deliver a higher and more constant power than battery-powered ones. Whereas cordless devices are more convenient to use, especially when you treat areas like underarms or bikini line.